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       WPC is on Facebook! Many of you are on Facebook, and if you are, we ask you to go to the church's Facebook page and "like" us.  We often use Facebook to communicate information with members, and we want to reach as many people as possible through this social media.  Thanks!


NOTICE: If you would like to be on the church email list, we need your current email address. If you have moved and need a change of address listed, or if you have a new phone number please contact the church office at 536-0796 or email This information is important to keep our records at the church up-to-date.


Electronic Giving Program - We will be introducing the program during fellowship hour today. Members and non-members will have the option of having their regular donations automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account.   Also, we are adding a feature to our website which will enable anyone to donate to special programs (Camp Scholarships, Music Ministry, Mission, etc.) from any computer. 


New Children's Worship Bulletins and Sermon Notes are now available for our children! These are especially great for those who don't attend Sunday school during the service. They are a unique tool that can be used to keep hands busy while focusing on the message each Sunday. The bulletins are filled with fun puzzles and mind teasers that are lectionary based, and the sermon notes are perfect for tweens/ teens to follow along during the service in a way that is creative and fun! We believe that both will be a great way to keep the attention of our amazing youth focused on the message each week. Youth can show Ms. Danielle their filled out papers at the end of each service for a surprise reward!



Local Mission Emphasis - The Mission Ministry Team has been working hard to finalize all of the details for our upcoming mission work in Johnstown. We would appreciate greatly if you would support us in your prayers. Please pray that our work and interactions with the community will bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Small Group Ministry - Christian Education is always looking for new opportunities to bring people together.  A great way to achieve this is through small group studies.  There are many ways to create a small group - book study, prayer group, movie discussion, DVD series, etc.  These groups can be done at the church or within group members' homes.  If you feel you may be called to this special type of ministry, please contact the church office at 814-536-0796.

Ricky's Corner Library -
Parents, please look around for books that have been checked out of the children's library.  We have a number of books that need to be returned.  To keep the library tidy, please supervise your children while browsing.  Thank you! 


Saturday's Kitchen - Many of you may or may not know about Saturday's Kitchen (SK).  SK was founded to provide meals to the community during the weekend, when the Family Kitchen is not serving meals.  St. Vincent de Paul, operators of the Family Kitchen in Downtown Johnstown, allows SK to use their facilities to provide lunch on Saturdays and Sunday.  Area churches provide a monetary donation as well as volunteers every weekend.  We have focused this meaningful service work on the youth of the church, but it is open to all of you.

Cry Room - We are happy to announce the addition of a cry room located in the chapel (to the left of the pulpit).  This room is conveniently located for all parents of infants who may need some time to calm, change, or feed their child without having to leave the worship service.  It is equipped with speakers so the service can be easily listened to, a rocking chair and arm chair, as well as a high chair and a pack-n-play.  The nursery is still available downstairs up to age 3 and is stocked with toys for play.

Building Use – Any event being planned that uses the church facility must be on the church calendar, before it is published.  Plan ahead by calling the church office to make sure of the availability.


Westmont Family Counseling Ministries SCRIP – (WFCM) Scrip will be available in the Koinonia Room for about ten minutes after the church service.  Scrip will still be available in Fellowship Hall during Fellowship Hour.

Deacons / St. Clement Food Pantry - As part of our community outreach, the Deacons are reorganizing our effort to support the St. Clement Food Pantry. This food pantry serves needy families from the Westmont, Southmont, and Upper Yoder areas. As always, we need your help!  Please bring any non-perishable foods and place them in the shopping cart that is located by the basement elevator lobby outside of Fellowship Hall. Items can be brought at any time and placed in the cart. Most needed items are cereal, canned juice, and sauces. The Deacons will deliver them to St. Clement Church in time for distribution the third week of every month. Please help us help needy families. As always, thank you for your generous support of this outreach ministry.

Volunteer Clearances - If you have not yet submitted your volunteer clearances, please see Danielle Kendig.  Those of you with clearances on file will be notified if it is time to submit updated forms.  All adult volunteers must have current forms on file with the Christian Education office to volunteer for anything involving children and youth programs.  Thank you!


​Blog - WPC now has a blog!  This blog was created for the mission trip, but we hope to allow everyone to submit articles to be posted in the future.  For now, let us support the mission trip team by following their journey while they are away.  You can find the blog at or by clicking on the link on the menu of our website at  We thank Olivia Brill and Gracie Misner, in advance, for taking the lead on the articles during the trip!


Contact Persons Needed:  If you live at home alone and would like to give the church office a contact person in case of an emergency, please call and Peggy will update your information.   We will be sure to keep this information confidential.

Volunteer Board - We hope all will take notice of the volunteer board in Fellowship Hall. This is available for any group/committee in the church who wishes to post a signup sheet for their event. There are already a number of upcoming events posted and we hope you will look over them and consider signing up.

Parents - For all parents who wish to be in the loop on activities for your kids, be sure your and your children's information is given to the office (including grade levels). Our database is used frequently to compile contact lists for activities and events and we want to be sure you're information is up-to-date!


Hospitals – Please call the church office if you, a family member, or if you are aware that another member of the church is hospitalized.  The hospital doesn’t always know your church membership, and sometimes doesn’t tell us even if you have told them upon admittance.  Thank you.


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance – If you are interested in donating money to help in the relief effort following the terrible earthquake in Nepal, you can do so through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  You can go on-line to, and follow the directions there, or you can write a check to Westmont, mark it for Nepal Relief, and we will then forward that amount to PDA.  Please be in prayer for the people of Nepal.


Personal Pocket Prayer Quilts - Each person worshiping with us this morning is invited to take one of the special personal Pocket Prayer Quilts available in the Narthex, Koinonia Room and in Fellowship Hall following the service, if you haven’t already gotten one. These Pocket Quilts may be used in conjunction with your own prayer/devotional time as suggested on the card attached to it.  You may also take quilts for shut-ins or family members who would like to have one.  They are also available in the church office during the week.


Prayer Chain – If you would like to be a member of the Prayer Chain, and receive Prayer Requests by email, please call the church office at 536-0796.


Parents of Little Ones – Did you know we have busy bags for the young ones who remain with their family during worship? There are baskets with busy bags located at the doors of the sanctuary. You are welcome to take home your child’s creations, but we ask you please leave the bag and the crayons so they can be used again. Thank you!


Fellowship Hour & Chancel Flower Sign-Ups – We are in need of volunteers for these!  The schedules can be found right inside the Koinonia Room door, across from the church office.  Flower arrangements are handled by the volunteer and may be used to highlight anything from a memorial to an anniversary, or just because you’re thankful!  Those new to Fellowship Hour can contact Joyce Norris and she will help pair you with a veteran host to help you learn the ropes!


Weekly Breakfast – There are many special ways friends and members of WPC get together for times of fellowship, and one of them is the weekly Men’s Breakfast at Eat ‘n Park.  The men meet every Wednesday at 7:30 AM.  All are welcome and encouraged to join in – it’s the perfect way to nurture church family relationships!


Prayers and Squares – Can you touch a prayer? You can if it is tied into a prayer quilt made by our Prayers and Squares group.  If you know someone who is in need of prayer support and would like to have a prayer quilt made…..or if you want to be part of this ministry, please call the church office at 536-0796.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Just a reminder that our church is equipped with an assisted listening system.  Receiver units are available from the ushers, and ear buds are discarded after each use.  If you attend regularly and would prefer, we will order a set of discreet headphones which will be reserved for your exclusive use.  In addition, should you need to leave the Sanctuary and retreat to the Nursery, the service can be heard through remote speakers located in the Nursery.

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